Our services

SW Trucking is a company active in the field of international transportation specialized in the design of customized logistics solutions able to meet the different needs of the market in Europe.

Our services range from door to door deliveries and accessing warehouse facilities to the provision of logistics services such as courier assistance, grouping (consolidation orders), managing warehouse, customs clearance and much more. Our strategy is to manage projects with a tilt on quality, a proactive approach and customized solutions. 

SW Trucking is able to provide logistics support at every level of the supply chain, integrating the most appropriate services and to become a one-stop partner for the Silk Way.


Truck transport services throughout European and internationally for full or partial loads. In addition to transportation services on scheduled routes we can also offer Exclusive transport services.


Deliveries at the warehouse of the consignee. This service gives our customers a reduction of the transit time of the goods from the customs warehouse (airport) at the customs warehouse (customer).


Distribution of foodstuff and pharmaceutical goods in refrigerated trucks ensuring the cool chain. In order to ensure the transportation of temperature sensitive goods we rely on dedicated coll-trucks to guarantee the maintenance of the temperature during transport from your/airport warehouse to the consignee premises. Our suppliers provide dedicated zones for storing refragerated 2-8 C and 15-25 C, constantly moritored and traceable.


Distribution of dangerous goods under the ADR with a fleet of trucks certified. We verify the conformity of the goods and documents entrusted to us and we guarantee that all stages of distribution are in line with the ADR regulations in force.


Logistic and documentation support services to the express courier. We create: reception of goods and grouping of shipments with different senders.


Documental support for import shipments aimed at airlines, with the following activities: - Check document and possible discrepancies Notify to the agent of the arrival of the freight Notify to the agent of the arrival of the freight Release import documents to the consignee and collect charges and airport taxes for the airline companies Cash collect Management of irregularities Tracing missing awbs on behalf of the managed airline companies Data entry on the airline companies informative system with the data requested by cargo 2000 Custom assistance and issuing of T1 and T2 document.