The company

SilkWay Trucking, established in 2014, as an in-house Road Feeder Service Carrier of Silk Way Group and providing the RFS solution to Silk Way West Airlines and Silk Way Italia. SW Trucking within a relatively short space of time has become internationally active logistics service provider boasting valid, on-going transportation contracts with some major players in the European trucking market and approximately 25 members of staff in major airports such as Milan, Luxembourg etc. 

In addition to its logistics operations the company also has the subsidiary of Euroasian Cargo, which owns the fleet of 20 own trucks. Eurosian Cargo is constantly expanding and serves as a major transport bridge for companies across Europe, from the UK to some remote destinations such as Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Together with its partners, SilkWay Trucking  provides service in a modern logistics centers in Europe, while all decision-making is made in the strategically located headquarter city of Prague and its out stations. Excellent quality and a high level of service are paramount in this respect. Thanks to short lines of communication and personal involvement throughout the entire logistics chain SW Trucking stands ready to guarantee customer satisfaction for years to come.